Begebenheiten rund um St. Kilian

*16/04/2023 Sunday homily by Fr. Bernard Rabwoni* 


" *Blessed are they that do not see, and yet believe"!* 


Day after day, the atheist college professor taunted his students with the same question. "Have you seen God before?" He asked three times. When nobody dared to answer, he always concluded: "Well, it's pretty obvious that there is no God." One day, a Christian student had had enough. The girl said to the class, "Have you ever seen our professor's brain?" Three times she asked about it. When no one answered, she concluded, "Well, it's pretty obvious that our professor doesn't have a brain." 

There are many things that we may not be able to see, touch or hear, e.g. B. Wind, Internet, WiFi, Air, Emotions, Mercy, Resurrection, Angels, Jesus in the Eucharist, etc. There might be things that we find difficult to believe at this time. Maybe we don't really believe that God loves us or forgives us. It can also be something else! Jesus is a great Savior! In today's Gospel, he gives Doubting Thomas another chance to see him and touch his wounds. One reason St. Thomas doubted Jesus' resurrection was because he missed 'Sunday mass or service'. Thomas had not been with the apostles when Jesus first appeared to them. As a result, he refused to believe. This should serve as a warning to us. We find it difficult to believe unless we are strengthened by the fellowship of other believers. Missing Sunday Mass or worship can cast doubt on your faith. After St. Thomas experienced the mercy of the Lord, he not only believed in the resurrection, but made an important profession of faith by saying,

"My Lord and my God"! 

In today's Gospel, Jesus greets his disciples with the words "Peace be with you". He also gives them the power to forgive sins in His name (John 20:21-23). The risen Lord gives us the gift of peace, mercy and forgiveness that we all need!

 In a vision, Our Lord said to St. Sister Faustina, the Polish nun called to be an Apostle of Divine Mercy: “My Mercy is greater than your sins and those of the whole world. Who can measure the extent of my goodness? For you I came down from heaven to earth; for you I was nailed to the cross; for you I had My Sacred Heart pierced with a 'spear', thus opening the source of Mercy for you. Come, then, in faith, to draw graces from this source.” This is the Risen Lord's invitation to each of us, especially on this Sunday of Divine Mercy and the whole Season of Easter! Don't be a disbeliever like that college professor!

Be a believer! *My Lord and my God, I trust in you!


Happy Sunday, and happy new week!*

Mein Morgen……!!


Punkt 6 Uhr weckt mich täglich mein Handy mit Musik - so auch  heute!


Ein kurzer Blick: Wetter schlecht, ein E-Mail  von dem afrikanischen Priester… muss warten! Erst die Morgenandacht beginnend mit der Losung des Tages, Sonntag, 16. April 2023:


Erhebet den HERRN, unsern Gott, betet an vor dem Schemel seiner Füße; denn er ist heilig.

Psalm 99,5


Als die Apostel gebetet hatten, erbebte die Stätte, wo sie versammelt waren; und sie wurden alle vom Heiligen Geist erfüllt und redeten das Wort Gottes mit Freimut.

Apostelgeschichte 4,31


Das Kalenderblatt erinnert wieder einmal an Dietrich Bonhoeffer - viele Erinnerungen …  und heute hätte Joseph Ratzinger Geburtstag  … an diesem Tag war ich doch 2012 in Rom ….


Und nun zu dem E-Mail von Fr. Bernard Rabwoni, den ich via TV bei der täglichen Mittagsmesse von Missio in Wien kennengelernt habe. So wie Frau Kemmerer ihre täglichen Impulse  per WhatsApp weiterleitet, so der afrikanische Priester scheinbar seine Sonntagspredigt! Was mich besonders freut, da ich WhatsApp ablehne, aber zu meiner Überraschung  kommt immer wieder einmal  ein normales E-Mail mit Predigt! - dieses mal in Englisch, für mich leicht problematisch…. Ich sehe es als Aufforderung meine Englisch-Kenntnisse zu aktivieren und zum Glück gibt es ja im Internet auch Übersetzer.


Beim morgendlichen Kaffee habe ich dann den Artikel mit dem Oldtimer-Museum entdeckt!!!


Möge Gott der Herr uns davor bewahren ….    Gitti Ulrich